The Student Body President and Vice President are popularly elected by the student body every spring. 

The Student Body President, Vice President, and Executive Chief of Staff comprise the core executive team. This team is the overarching leadership of IUSG’s executive branch. Their responsibilities include meeting regularly with administrators, obtaining student input, and representing the organization externally.

The Executive Branch includes the executive team along with the Policy Directors, Operations team, and the Bureau of Shared Governance. Together, the Executive Branch develops and coordinates various programs, services, and events to enhance the student experience, fostering collaboration and engagement among students, faculty, staff, and the broader community.



Responsible for overseeing budgeting and financial planning and approving transaction requests from directors.


Responsible for overseeing the management of IT resources, including updating the IUSG website and assisting with technological needs. 

Congressional Secretary

Responsible for overseeing theaccurate keeping and publishing of records and processing of congressional activities.

Executive Secretary

Responsible for managing files and documents related to IUSG's administration and coordinating communication within the executive team and with external stakeholders.


The Executive Press Secretary coordinates public communications for the executive branch. The Content Manager creates graphics to promote IUSG and its initiatives through social media channels.

Grant Manager

Responsible for identifying and applying for grants that align with and support various IUSG initiatives.

Legal Counsel

Responsible for providing legal advice and guidance to the president and vice president of IUSG. 

Alumni Relations

Responsible for establishing and maintaining a comprehensive list of alumni contacts for IUSG.

Data & Research

Responsible for managing data collection and analysis for IUSG.

Health Fund Manager

Responsible for planning and executing fundraising events to meet the financial goals of the Health Fund.

DEIA Fund Manager

Responsible for planning and executing fundraising events to meet the financial goals of the DEIA Fund.

Event Coordinators

Responsible for coordinating the planning of director-hosted events within IUSG.

First Year Internship Program Coordinator

Responsible for managing the First Year Internship Program (FIP) application, selection, and appointment process for first-year students.

Service Coordinator


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

Environmental Affairs

Sexual Violence Prevention

Academic Affairs

Health and Wellbeing

Student Rights

Graduate Affairs

Bureau of Shared Governance

Chief Political Officer

ABTS Liaison

Federal Relations

State Relations

City and Local Relations