2024 Congressional Leadership

At the beginning of each six-month legislative session, Congress selects its own leaders from among its membership. Legislative sessions begin on the first Monday of October and the first Monday of April of each year, following that semester's campus-wide IUSG election.

Speaker of the Student Body Congress

The Speaker is elected by Congress by majority vote as the first order of business at the commencement of each six-month legislative session. Any Representative is eligible to serve as Speaker.

The Speaker is the chief of IUSG's legislative branch. Wielding the gavel, the Speaker presides over meetings of Congress and is responsible for ensuring that meetings are conducted fairly, respectfully, and in accordance with Congress's internal rules. The Speaker serves as chairperson of the Steering Committee, which sets Congressional meeting agendas and handles membership-related matters.

Meet the current Speaker below!

Speaker Abbey Miller, Representative of Off-Campus Housing

Speaker Abbey Miller.Contact the Speaker at abbrmill@iu.edu.

Abbey is a senior from College Park, Georgia, studying Policy Analysis. She is serving her fourth term in Congress and was elected Speaker in Spring 2024. 


In addition to the Speaker, Congress elects three other officers at the first meeting of each six-month legislative session. Any Representative is eligible to serve in any of these positions.

Meet the current officers below! 

Recorder Elizabeth Conley

Recorder: Elizabeth Conley, Representative of Healthcare Schools

Elizabeth is a sophomore from Indianapolis, Indiana, studying Community Health. She is serving her second term in Congress and was elected Recorder in April 2024. She previously served as Congress' Clerk. In addition to IU Student Government, she is the VP of Marketing for BridgeUSA at IU and will be working as a Resident Assistant this fall.

The Recorder is responsible for managing Congressional documentation and records. The Recorder types up the agenda and minutes of each Congressional meeting and distributes them to Representatives. The Recorder oversees Congress's Central Drive, a publicly accessible repository of bills, vote records, agendas, minutes, membership rosters, Congressional rules, and more.


Press Secretary Maddi Sponsel

Press Secretary: Maddi Sponsel, Representative of Central Neighborhood Housing

Maddi is a sophomore studying Media Advertising. She is serving her second term in Congress. In addition to student government, she is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, Cuban Center Photography Intern, Cru, Campus Worship Collective, and Meal Planning Committee.

The Press Secretary is responsible for Congress's public-facing communications and the Congressional pages here on the IUSG website. The Press Secretary works with the executive-branch Office of Communications and Engagement to co-manage IUSG's social media presence.


Parliamentarian Drew Yeager

Parliamentarian: Drew Yeager, Representative of Off-Campus Housing

Drew is a junior from North Vernon, Indiana, studying Environmental Management. He is serving his second term in Congress. He was elected Parliamentarian in Fall 2023. In addition to his service in student government, Drew is also a Research Assistant for the Observing Civic Engagement project and a member of the Bloomington Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Commission.

The Parliamentarian is Representatives' impartial resource on matters of Congressional procedure. The Parliamentarian is responsible for having a strong understanding of Congress's internal rules and advising Members on how to achieve their desired procedural outcomes. Whenever there is disagreement or dispute among Members on what the proper procedure is in a given situation, the Parliamentarian advises the Speaker on the fair and consistent application of the rules.

Standing Committee Chairs

Each of Congress's five standing committees consists of a number of Representatives assigned by the Speaker. The Speaker appoints one committee member to serve as the committee chairperson. The chair is responsible for presiding over the committee and setting the committee's meeting schedules and agendas.

Meet the current standing committee chairs below!

Chairwoman Emma Grim, Committee on Equity & Justice

Emma is a junior from Atlanta, Georgia, studying Political Science and History with a certificate in Political and Civic Engagement. This is her second term in Congress. In addition to IUSG, Emma serves on the board of Women in Government, Pre-Law Association, and is in Singing Hoosiers. 

Chairman John Lane, Committee on Oversight & Finance

John is a senior from Fort Wayne, Indiana, studying Finance and Accounting. He is serving his fourth term in Congress. 

Chairwoman Violet Landrum, Committee on Student Life

Violet is a senior from Kendallville, Indiana, studying Clinical Psychology and Counseling. She is serving her fourth term in Congress. In addition to her service in student government, Violet is a member of Nu Rho Psi. 

Chairman Leo Cavinder, Committee on Student Rights & Concerns

Leo is a sophomore from La Porte, Indiana, studying Political Science. He has served in Congress since July 2023.